Cannot attach volume vol-xxxx with Marketplace codes error may be displayed during the Explore operation

"Cannot attach volume 'vol-xxxx' with Marketplace codes" error may be displayed during the Explore operation

The following error message may be displayed when trying to explore a root volume of an instance that belongs to an AWS Marketplace product:

Explore failed:
1. Volume vol-1234567890abcdef created (original: vol-0abcdef123456789). However attach to instance i-0011001100110011 (device: /dev/xvdg) failed. Reason: Cannot attach volume 'vol-0231c03d28ae56214' with Marketplace codes as the instance 'i-0011001100110011' is not in the 'stopped' state.

This is an AWS limitation. AWS doesn't allow to attach a root volume of a instance that has MarketPlace Product Code associated with it to another instance, unless that instance is stopped. This is not something CPM has any affect on.

You can see if the volume has a Product Code in its description:

This won't be a problem if you'll try to recover an instance - as the recovered instance will be stopped while the volumes are being attached.