Cannot attach volume vol-xxxx with Marketplace codes error may be displayed during CPM upgrade

"Cannot attach volume 'vol-xxxx' with Marketplace codes" error may be displayed during CPM upgrade

The following error message may be displayed when trying to upgrade the CPM instance using a new AMI:

Could not attach volume vol-1234567890abcdef to instance i-abcdef0123456789. Reason: Cannot attach volume 'vol-1234567890abcdef' with Marketplace codes as the instance 'i-abcdef0123456789' is not in the 'stopped' state.

This error means that you have chosen the wrong volume when selecting the "use existing data volume" option in step 3 of CPM configuration.
The most common mistake is trying to attach the "root" volume (default size 8GB) of the old instance instead of the "cpmdata" volume (default size 5GB)

The correct volume can be identified by its "Name" tag:

To resolve this problem, please follow the upgrade instructions at again .