Cleanup Log

Cleanup Log

This feature was added to allow CPM users to better understand whether Cleanup process ran successfully.

It can be found in the “General Settings” tab.

The Cleanup Interval may be set to run every 1 to 24 hours.

Last cleanup timestamp will show the last time the Cleanup completed running.

Cleanup log shows the log of the last run. It provides information about which snapshots or AMIs were deleted and of which type (Volumes, DR snapshots, DB snapshots etc)

The log may be downloaded in csv format.

Run Now- Will start running the cleanup process instantly, regardless of its scheduled time.

The bottom section of the cleanup can help you to define:

      Rotate single AMIs: How often to rotate AMIs.

      Keep deleted records: Whether to keep deleted records for a certain number of days.

      Keep user audit logs: How long should the cleanup process keep audit logs.

Added in v2.1.3

Link to the Release Notes and the latest patch -