CPM 3.1 How to configure N2WS to resolve partially Successful backups

CPM 3.1 How to configure N2WS to resolve partially Successful backups

This KB will show how to resolve common issues that cause "partially Successful backups" status


A backup may be marked "Partially Successful" due to the "Instance probably doesn't exist anymore" error:

Error - (instance: i-1234567890abcdef) could not get object from AWS. Instance probably doesn't exist anymore
Warning - Finished kicking off snapshots, not all started successfully.

This is a result of the customer terminating an instance and not removing it from the policy's Backup Targets.
In order to resolve this issue, please perform one of the following:

1) Manually remove the terminated instance from the policy's Backup Targets.
2) Enable "Auto Target Removal" in the policy.

To Enable Auto target Removal please follow these steps.
In CPM 3.1 please go the Policies screen and then choose the policy by selecting the checkbox next to that and click on Edit

On the policy Details section please change the "Auto Target Removal" to Yes and click on the Save button.

When this option is enabled, the next backup will still be "partially successful", but the terminated instance will be removed from the backup targets, and will no longer affect this policy.

A backup may be marked "Partially Successful" due to VSS error:

Another common cause of partially successful backups is caused by either a VSS timeout, VSS Error, or a script error.
Partially successful backups will not count toward the generation's settings and can cause snapshots to not be cleaned up by the cleanup job.
If you can recover using a crash-consistent backup you can edit the policy so that the backup will count toward the generations setting by changing the setting "backup is successful when". 

You can change this behavior by changing the "backup is successful when" setting in the "more options" screen of a policy,
Change it to "Snapshot successful with possible VSS or script Failure.". 
Then click the save button.

If you'll select the second option, backups that are "Partially Successful" due to VSS will now count as well:

NOTE: Please keep in mind, that if you choose to ignore the output of scripts/VSS, you may end up with snapshots that are only crash-consistent instead of Application consistent.
It is recommended to resolve your problems with scripts/VSS instead of ignoring them.

If the partially successful backup is caused by a VSS timeout you can increase the VSS timeout value in the policy. 
To increase the VSS Timeout go to the Policy and select the instance and then Click on Configure.

In the policy and configuration screen scroll down till you see the Script/VSS Timeout (seconds) option.

Once you raise the timeout setting make sure to click the Apply button.

NOTE: The setting "backups are successful when" only controls how the clean up job will function it will not affect the status of the job in the backup monitor screen.