Daily Summary or Cleanup Log may alert of false Cleanup issues

Daily Summary/Cleanup Log may alert of false Cleanup issues

You may receive the following warning in Daily Summary or Cleanup Log:
Warning - Cleanup did not mark any backups for deletion for policy DailyPolicy, because out of 3 completed backups, only 1 were marked as successful

This warning may be triggered by backups which had their snapshots deleted - such backups shouldn't count towards retention.

If you have found this warning and have CPM v2.1.3 or 2.1.3a, please upgrade to the latest 2.1.X version.


Reference defect number - 37e33b3e4f, fixed in v2.1.3b

Link to the Release Notes and the latest patch - https://support.n2ws.com/portal/kb/articles/release-notes-for-the-latest-v2-1-x-cpm-patch