DR may fail due to the snap-0123456789abcdef failed, has status error error

DR may fail due to the "snap-0123456789abcdef failed, has status error" error

If Cross-Region DR fails with the following error in the Backup Log:

Error - Volume DR copy snapshot failed for region <Region Name>, snapshot snap-<snapshot_ID>e (status: error).”

Please download the logs from CPM GUI and search for the following:

WARNING: check_region_copy_state(.\cpmserver\cpm\dr_volume.py:<line_number>) DR volumes, connection expired. reconnecting and retrying (policy <Policy_Name>, region <Region_Name>

ERROR: check_region_copy_state(.\cpmserver\cpm\dr_volume.py:<line_number>) Volume DR region: <Region_Name>, snapshot <Snapshot_ID> failed, has status error (policy <Policy_Name>, in Backup account).

The above errors should occur 2 minutes apart.

If you found the above errors, please upgrade to the latest 2.X.X to resolve the issue.

Reference defect number - be5c47a9e3, fixed in v2.1.3.