Explore fails with Invalid value dev xvdp for unixDevice

Explore may fail with "Invalid value '/dev/xvdp' for unixDevice"

If File Explore fails with below error:

ERROR: recover_volume(.\cpmserver\cpm\recovery.py:<line_number>) Volume <volume_id> created (original: vol-0d746a37a79a611fe). However attach to instance <instance_id> (device: <path>) failed. Reason: Invalid value '<path>' for unixDevice. Attachment point <path> is already in use

please check how many Explore sessions are open since CPM cannot attach more than 10 mounting points.

If CPM has 10 volumes connected to it, please close some of them and retry exploring the volume.

You may also close these sessions via the General Settings screen.

In the General Settings screen, go to the Cleanup tab and click on the Clear Explore Sessions as seen in the screenshot below:


 Upgrading to 2.3.0e will not resolve the issue but the error message received will be more informative- Can't attach more volumes. No more available device names.

Please upgrade to latest 2.X.X version

Reference defect number – N2WS-2587, fixed in v2.3.0e