File Level Recovery may fail with error The reason could be missing unsupported file system

File Level Recovery may fail with error "The reason could be missing/unsupported file system"

File-level recovery may fail with the following error printed in the CPM logs:

Partition Table: gpt

Number  Start     End        Size        File system  Name     Flags
1         2097kB   805GB  805GB                          primary    raid

INFO:  mount_device(.\cpmagent\  trying mounting device '/dev/xvdg' as readonly (platform: unknown)
ERROR:  mount_device(.\cpmagent\  Failed mounting device '/dev/xvdg' to directory '/mnt/cpm/03_06_2018__03_14_20/vol-1234567/xvdd'. Result code: 8192
ERROR:  mount_ebs_volume(.\cpmagent\  Failed mounting device '/dev/xvdg'. The reason could be missing/unsupported file system
INFO:  mount_ebs_volume(.\cpmagent\  partition numbers: ['']
ERROR:  mount_ebs_volume(.\cpmagent\  Got invalid partition number ''. Partition table: Model: Xen Virtual Block Device (xvd)
Disk /dev/xvdh: 805GB

The above section of log clearly shows the volume is part of a RAID. Currently CPM supports only simple volumes . This is documented in the CPM User Guide in chapter 12: 
"Explore works only on simple volumes. Windows dynamic disks are currently not supported. Additionally, disks defined with Microsoft Storage Spaces are not supported."