How to backup instances in the GovCloud region

How to backup instances in the GovCloud region

There are 2 ways to use CPM to protect GovCloud resources.

Launch a CPM instance using AWS GovCloud Marketplace:

Use a CPM launched in another region.

The GovCloud region is disabled in CPM by default (unless it's installed inside GovCloud), and needs to be enabled using a utility on the CPM server.
To enable the GovCloud region, please connect to the CPM instance using SSH (username: "cpmuser" and your assigned private key)
Then please type the following:

sudo cpm-manage-regions --list
<will type the list of disabled regions>

To enable the GovCloud region:

sudo cpm-manage-regions 
--enable us-gov-west-1,us-gov-east-1

<the us-gov-east-1  region requires CPM v2.5.0 and newer>
When using GovCloud, please be aware that the GovCloud accounts are separate from accounts of all the other regions,
so any operation you'll try to do with a GovCloud account in other regions will fail and vice-versa.
Please make sure that in the GovCloud's account definition, you disable all other regions for scanning. Also, for other accounts, please disable the GovCloud region for scanning.