How to change the timezone of a CPM Server

How to change the timezone of a CPM Server

The Timezone for a CPM Server can be changed in three ways
1. Run the timedatectl command on the CPM server (for pre-v2.3.x only)
2. Run the utility attached to this KB (for 2.3.0 and up) 
3. If you running CPM 2.7 or greater see the directions at the bottom of the article.

1. (for pre-v2.3.x)
Run the timedatectl command on the CPM server
a. Please connect using SSH with username "cpmuser" and your private key 

b. Run the command "sudo timedatectl"
This will give you all the data 

c. "sudo timedatectl list-timezones"  
This will list all timezones. To set a new timezone:  

d. "sudo timedatectl set-timezone <new timezone>"  

e. After you make the change, please reboot the instance so CPM will be updated with the new time zone. 
Please ensure no backups/replications are running.

2. (required for v2.3.x and up)
  • Follow the procedure provided on the README file.
NOTE: Please DO Not use the attached utility if you are running CPM 2.7 or greater, the cpm-set-timezone is now part of the installation.

3. Instructions for changing the timezone for CPm instances running CPM 2.7 or above is:
1. ssh into the CPM instance using the login cpmuser and the instances private key.

This command will give you a list of timezones.
2. sudo cpm-set-timezone

The command to set a timezone is:
3. sudo cpm-set-timezone <time zone>

example command
sudo cpm-set-timezone GMT 

4. Then you should restart the CPM instance for the change to take effect you should notice in the CPM console the newly reflected time based off the timezone you set.