How to test the worker configuration

How to test the worker configuration from UI

This document explains the steps to test a CPM Worker configuration. This can help reduce errors during S3 copy and File-Level restores by being able to confirm the settings used for these jobs are successfully able to connect. 

Worker configuration are used for EC2/EBS copy to S3, File level recovery and cleanup.


1. To test a worker configuration, select in the left-hand pane the Worker Configuration option.

2. Select the worker in the list and select  Test

3. You will get several options for the test

(1) - This is always selected, this test if the EC2 worker can communicate with the N2WS server over HTTPS(port 443)
(2) - This is used for File Level recovery(FLR/Explore), it test connection over SSH (port 22) from the temporary ec2 worker to the N2WS server.
(3) - This is used by Copy to S3 and FLR, it test the connection from the worker to the EBS API endpoint
($) - This is used by Copy to S3 and FLR from S3 and cleanup, it test the connection from the worker to the S3 service

4. Check the results in the Test Status column: Successful or Failed.

5. This shows a successful test status.

6. Clicking on ‘Test Status’ during or after the failure should expose the root cause of a worker test failure.After a worker test has failed, it will provide a Failure Reason – as shown below.


All Worker test results are logged to the cpm-server logs and will have a message showing why it failed. in this example, it's a timeout.
2020-03-04 19:52:42,236:[139931287242496][gOLjzcrkQs] ERROR:  check_test_worker_operation(  Worker configuration for Account - demo-account-1, Region Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), test failed. No communication after 0:10:00 minutes

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