How to test the worker configuration for CPM 3.0

How to test the worker configuration for CPM 3.0

This document explains the steps to test a CPM Worker configuration. This can help reduce errors during S3 copy and File-Level restores by being able to confirm the settings used for these jobs are successfully able to connect. 

To test a worker configuration, select in the left-hand pane the Worker Configuration option.

Select the worker in the list and select  Test

Check the results in the Test Status column: Successful or Failed.

 This shows a successful test status.

Clicking on ‘Test Status’ during or after the failure should expose the root cause of a worker test failure.After a worker test has failed, it will provide a Failure Reason – as shown below.

 All Worker test results are logged to the cpm-server logs and will have a message showing why it failed. in this example, it's a timeout.

2020-03-04 19:52:42,236:[139931287242496][gOLjzcrkQs] ERROR:  check_test_worker_operation(  Worker configuration for Account - demo-account-1, Region Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), test failed. No communication after 0:10:00 minutes