How to update the Ubuntu distribution on the CPM instance

How to update the Ubuntu distribution on the CPM instance

In order to update the Ubuntu distribution on the CPM instance, you have to follow these instructions precisely (when no backup/DR is running):

1) Connect with SSH (using the user "cpmuser" and your private key).


2) Type:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade


3) Stay with the default (simply click "enter")  to any command line prompt question you get - very important!

If you do not accept the default answers, or use wrong apt-get commands, MySQL may stop functioning:

If this happened, to get back up and running, please follow the "upgrade" instructions in chapter 1.4 "Upgrading N2WS" in our User Guide at

4) The update process may create the /etc/mysql/debian.cnf file, which contains a clear text password for the user "debian-sys-maint".
We recommend to change this password and delete this file after the update:
mysql -u debian-sys-maint -p%oldpassword%
(replace %oldpassword% with the password listed in /etc/mysql/debian.cnf)

SET PASSWORD = PASSWORD('%newpassword%');
(replace %newpassword% with the  new password)

(to exit from MySQL)

sudo rm /etc/mysql/debian.cnf
Now the password is no longer the default one, and it's not contained in clear text form anywhere.

5) At the end reboot the instance via the EC2 console or by using the command:
sudo reboot

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