How to upgrade CPM using a patch

How to upgrade CPM using a patch

Please note: upgrading using patch does not upgrade Apache/OS
1. It is recommended to deploy the patch when you have no active backup policies, DR or recovery running - as it will restart Apache and require few min downtime.
2. When using patches to upgrade N2WS instead of the AMI upgrade, be sure that you check your current version to ensure that the patch you are using is compatible with your current version of N2WS CPM. If the patch is not compatible with your current version of CPM you will get a warning similar to the example below.

3. We recommend that you read both this KB and watch this short 3 min Video Tutorial - How to upgrade N2WS using the patch method

1. Due to the new functionality, you may need to update your permission policies. Please see the JSON templates attached to this KB:  AWS Minimal PermissionsAzure Minimal Permissions
2. Update the relevant roles with the new permissions files.

Before doing any upgrade steps, make sure that you create a snapshot of the CPM data volume and that you know how to recover
1. Read all the steps before starting.
2. Download the CPM upgrade patch from the Release Notes of the latest version of CPM found here - CPM Release Notes
3. Go to General Settings, then choose "Patches".

4. Click "choose file" and browse to the patch file and open it.

5. The file name should now appear in the window, then click on "upload and install".

6. You will get a confirmation window like the one below. Click "Upload and Install"  and the patch will begin installation. The confirmation window will stay up until the patch completes its install. This will usually only take a few minutes. The window will close itself when complete.

7. Once it completes and the install confirmation window closes, You will get a message that install was successful in the top right and the patch should now be listed with an install date.

Note: please wait at least a minimum of 10 minutes even if UI say successful. Then refresh the browser with "shift +F5" to clear the browser cache. 

8.  Click on the help link (?) in the top right and choose "about" to verify the patch was applied and CPM is now on the updated version.

9. You should see the updated version from the patch that you just applied similar to my example below. 

10. If you used a password protected SSL certificate and the website doesn’t load anymore after applying the patch and waiting 10 minutes, please connect to the CPM Server via SSH and your Key, then restart apache2 with this command: sudo service apache2 restart

You will be prompted to enter the password/passphrase at this step. Once apache2 was restarted, the website should load normally.

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