IDP SAML integration may fail with failed getting CPM public host name

IDP/SAML integration may fail with "Failed getting CPM public host name"

If you have installed the base image of CPM 2.2.0 and started using IDP/SAML authentication, and have also configured a custom hostname URL for the IDP redirect, you may get a "Error 500" in your web browser when trying to connect.

If you open the CPM_server.log you may find this error message:
Failed getting CPM public host name. Exception: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

The base image of CPM 2.2.0 only supports public hostname/IP for IDP, however we have added functionality for private hostname\IP for IDP in the patch for CPM version 2.2.0a

Please review the patch notes for 2.2.x for details on installing the patch.