N2WS-15684 - Cleanup issues using copy to S3

N2WS-15684 - Cleanup issues using copy to S3

Issue summary:

Policies with S3 backup enabled and backing up

(1) Independent volumes, and/or
(2) instances purchased from AWS marketplace

May result in premature deletion of S3 backups

Affected versions: 

  1. v3.1.0a, v3.1.0b 


  1. Patch for 3.1.0b attached to this KB
Customer with 3.1.0a version first need to upgrade to 3.1.0b version before applying this patch

Interim resolution until fix is installed: 

  1. Increase the EBS snapshot retention period to be equal to the current S3 retention period.
  2. Increase the current S3 retention period by at least 1 month

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