N2WS-13434 - Backup archived to Glacier disappears from the Backup Monitor

N2WS-13434 - Backup archived to Glacier disappears from the Backup Monitor

Issue summary

Archive backups records might be deleted before their retention period.

Issue description

Backup record with archived/Glacier backup may be deleted prematurely by the clean-up operation, once it cleans all the snapshot and S3 backups for that record.
As a result, a recovery of the archive backup will not be possible.

In addition, while restore is not possible, the data is still stored in Glacier 

Affected versions

3.0.0, 3.0.0a

Fix version

3.0.0b - Not Available yet
An announcement will be sent once patch is ready and the release note will be updated.


Increase S3 retention time and/or generation to avoid moving backup to Glacier until 3.0b is available 

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