Release notes for the latest v2.7.x CPM release

Release notes for the latest v2.7.x CPM release

In order to upgrade to v2.7.x from any previous version, please see the instructions here:

In order to upgrade to v2.7.x from v2.7.0 or newer only, you can use the patch file attached at the bottom of this KB (unzip it first).

No backups, DR or S3 copies
should be running or scheduled to run while installing the patch.
Please take steps such as disabling schedules to ensure policies will not try to run until the upgrade is complete.
The patch can be applied by using the "CPM patches" link at the bottom of the GUI:

Please note it may take a few minutes for the CPM GUI to become responsive after installation.

Main New Features in v2.7:

·         New implementation of S3 Backup

A more robust implementation of S3 backup is replacing the old one. It has the following advantages:
      1. Support for cheaper S3 storage (IA - infrequent Access)
      2. Support for volumes up to 16TB
      3. Ability to force a "full" backup
Existing customers with S3 Backup should read this:


Change log:

November 19, 2019 (CRC - EADD40D7) - version 2.7.0a

Issues fixed:
N2WS-9158 -  Backup of DynamoDB over 2GB may cause the backup to become "orphaned".
N2WS-10390 -  RDS Cluster backups may become "orphaned" when snapshots can't be created due to account limits.
N2WS-10484 -  RDS tag scanning, snapshot copy and deletion may fail with the "Rate exceeded(Throttling)" error.
N2WS-10829 -  Silent config of volume size may fail with "failed (9)" tag value.
N2WS-10840 -  An API Call To Recover an Instance may fail with the "'exceptions.TypeError' object has no attribute 'code" exception.
N2WS-10868 -  An API call to recover an instance may ignore the security group parameter, and restore the instance into the default security group.
N2WS-10896 -  Instance recovery may fail with the exception  "IndexError: list index out of range".
N2WS-10914 -  S3 backup/cleanup may keep failing indefinitely due to a locked chain in v2.7.0

N2WS-10388 - Added support for new instance families - M5n, M5dn, R5n and R5dn + new A1 Bare Metal
N2WS-10433 - Added support for IdP group names without the "cpm_" prefix, as well as with special characters and spaces in the name.
N2WS-10777 - Added support for new Instances Sizes for Amazon EC2 M5d - 12xlarge,24xlarge & metal
N2WS-10917 - Added support for new RDS Instances type - Z1d

October 14, 2019 - version 2.7.0

Issues fixed:
N2WS-7342 - Snapshots may fail with the "SnapshotCreationPerVolumeRateExceeded" error
N2WS-9576   -  Alerts about failed S3 Cleanup may be sent repeatedly, if policy's S3 repository was changed and the policy was disabled
N2WS-9592  -   Scheduled reports may not be sent with the "ClientError: An error occurred (ExpiredToken) when calling the ListVerifiedEmailAddresses operation: The security token included in the request is expired" error    
N2WS-9626  -   RDS backups may fail with "CPM Server identified this backup as orphaned: marking as failed"
N2WS-9700  -   Single AMI rotation may fail with the "TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'datetime.datetime' and 'NoneType'" error
N2WS-9768  -   CPM Agent may not restart itself after patch installation, rendering some of the fixes unavailable until reboot.
N2WS-10010  -   Failed RDS snapshots with "No ID" may accumulate over time
N2WS-10064  -  CPM may auto-remove resources from a backup policy if it fails to assume a role

N2WS-6064 -  Support changing SNS settings of managed user by root/independent with REST API
N2WS-7565  -  Added support for the new sizes of M5 and R5 instances
N2WS-9237  -  Adding explanation of "SnapshotCreationPerVolumeRateExceeded" to the Backup Log
N2WS-9471   -  Added support for the new sizes of RDS instances - db.m5.8xlarge, db.m5.16xlarge, db.r5.8xlarge & db.r5.16xlarge
N2WS-9545  -  Added support for the new sizes of C5, C5n and I3en instances
N2WS-9913   -  Added support for the Bahrain region
N2WS-10016  -  Improving performance of MySQL
N2WS-10189  -  Added support for the G4 family of instances

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