Release notes for the latest v3.0.x CPM release

Release notes for the latest v3.0.x CPM release

In order to upgrade to version 3.0.x from 2.4.x/2.5.x/2.6.x , please see the instructions here:
Notice: If you are upgrading using a patch, then once patch installation is completed, refresh your browser with “shift + F5” to clear the browser cache,
in addition, when upgrading via patch the underlying Apache/Ubuntu will not get upgraded to the latest minor version, therefore it is recommended to upgrade via AMI

First time Installing N2WS Backup & Recovery? Watch the 'Install and Configure N2WS Backup & Recovery 3.0'  video tutorial created by our solution architect:

Upgrade to 3.0.0b from 2.x is available via AMI upgrade only.
Upgrade to 3.0.0b from 3.0.0/a is available via AMI and Patch 

Main New Features in v3.0:
New UI
Completely revamped UI with a brand new dashboard which shows you information about your backups and cost explorer/saving.

Recovery Scenarios
Allows defining a sequence of recoveries for several or all backup targets of a single policy during a recovery session.
(Available for Advanced & Enterprise editions)

Glacier Archive Support
Glacier support enhances data lifecycle management and provided the ability to automatically move snapshots to Amazon Glacier from S3 
(Available for Enterprise edition)

Cost Explorer
Provides actual EBS snapshots cost per policy in same account
(Available for Advanced & Enterprise editions)

Resource Control cost savings 
Provides predicted infrastructure cost-savings from resource control  (how much cost is saved when instances turned off)

Policy Time Zone
Ability to select the time zone for each backup policy (schedule)

View important product announcements directly from the UI

Change log:
May 4, 2020 - version 3.0.0b

Issues fixed:
N2WS-13435 - S3 backups may be deleted before their retention expiring
N2WS-13434 - Backup archived to Glacier disappears from the Backup Monitor
N2WS-13419 - Download logs generate corrupted bz2 file
N2WS-13433 - Can't access the Accounts page due to timeout
N2WS-13687 - Improve performance of Clone VPC view loading when there are thousands of captured vpcs
N2WS-13475 - AMI Assistant can't find a match in the target region/account
N2WS-13634 - Instance recovery might fail becuase it create the same volume twice
N2WS-13587 - Exception occurred during recover dry-run. Reason: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__'

April 10, 2020 - version 3.0.0a

N2WS-13099 - Add new API for “perform failover"
N2WS-11981 - The API to run ASAP now returns JSON with tracker ID.

Issues fixed:
N2WS-13202 - Immediate report generation of backup report fails with status of 500
N2WS-13222 - Disabled alert for payer account not allowing linked account to access Cost Explorer data.
N2WS-12753 - Volumes may be recovered from S3 with the wrong encryption key
N2WS-13229 - Snapshot report may time-out and take too many resources
N2WS-13153 - Scanning tags may cause "Rate Exceeded" errors and fail to read tags
N2WS-13005 - Customer may be unable to restore an instance from a policy with many instances if VSS was enabled
N2WS-13231 -  Customer may receive exception "Data too long for column 'aws_secret_key' at row 1" when updating an account
N2WS-13246 - Recovery may fail with the error: "Recovery dry-run failure.This edition of CPM is not licensed for cross-account recovery". 
N2WS-13278 - Recovery Scenario dry-run may fail with the error: "Exception occurred during recover dry-run. Reason: list index out of range"
N2WS-13330 - Recovery Scenario dry-run may fail with the error: "dry-run failure.{'to_region': u'AWS resource name us-east-2 is not valid.'}"
N2WS-12611 -  Cleanup may fail with the error "Exception: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith' "
N2WS-12604 - DR may complete successfully,  but no snapshots are copied when selecting name of source region as target region.
N2WS-12938 - CPM may fail to calculate Cost Savings  due to failure to connect to an endpoint.
N2WS-13393 - Volume Recovery may fail to attach restored volumes to an instance and delete the old one if  "Switch Attached Volumes and Delete Old Ones" option is used.
N2WS-13407 - S3 repository creation may fail with the "Failed to get S3 buckets list" error

March 04, 2020 - version 3.0.0

N2WS-5226 - Allow user to test worker configuration
N2WS-7378 - Add Anonymized Mode to Usage Report
N2WS-7379 - Add Unprotected Resources Scheduled Report 
N2WS-7013 - Adds ability to take point-in-time, crash-consistent snapshot across multiple EBS volumes
N2WS-8041 - Cross Account AMI ID taken from instance tag
N2WS-10323 - RDS DR, options group on target region 
N2WS-9645 - Account, add option to select scanned resource types (instances, rds, etc.)
N2WS-9593 - Merge backup & RC tag scans
N2WS-10037 - Enable 'off only' group operation in Resource control
N2WS-10917 - New RDS Instances type - Z1d
N2WS-11423 - Support IMDSv2
N2WS-11123 - SES not allowing reports for unverified email 
N2WS-12758 - Have minimum of 30 minutes between reports.

Issues fixed:
N2WS-12262 - Tagged instances and volumes with "#" features are not scanned properly when policy name differs by upper/lower case from policy in CPM
N2WS-12260 - Cleanup process fails with error ('The read operation timed out',) 
N2WS-12238 - Orphan backups cause excess AWS charges
N2WS-11975 - Remove snapshot report from download log feature
N2WS-11712 - Need to change reports that exceed SES 10 mb size limitation
N2WS-11676 - CPM may freeze during deletion of S3 backups
N2WS-11675 - AMI cleanup leaves ami undeleted
N2WS-11379 - Recovering instance using API doesn't apply the Security Groups of the backed-up instance
N2WS-11131 -  Freezer items will not show in UI freezer tab but show in config file and logs
N2WS-11065 - Recovery of RDS creates a reader even though its not multiple AZ.
N2WS-10848 - DynamoDB backup, need to change bytes field type
N2WS-10831 - Allowing a simultaneous  restore of multiple instances from a policy
N2WS-10830 - Better documentation of silent config options
N2WS-10694 - CPM Server remains in "recovery mode" despite removing excessive instances
N2WS-10391 - Ability to select the time zone individually for each backup policy (schedule)
N2WS-10319 - No Licencing warning on exceeding resources limits
N2WS-9806 - If DB snapshots fail for reaching AWS limit, CPM instead of failing the backup and printing an informative error, is "orphaning" it:
N2WS-9101 -  FIle level restore gets error Failed exploring directory. Reason: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xfa in position 1: invalid start byte
N2WS-9088 - CPM Standard Edition may fail to terminate workers
N2WS-11055 - RDS snapshots not deleted when "keep original snapshots" = No
N2WS-12443 - Increase the refresh rate of agent-server side
N2WS-10870 - CLI missing Volumes Exclusion option for tag setting

Known issues:
N2WS-12779 - FireFox timeout occurs before VPC clone is completed, However clone is successful eventually.
                         Customers encountering this issue may use other browsers as a workaround.   

N2WS-13432 - DST maybe impact resource control group scheduling 
N2WS-13684 - recovery to dr region when enc key is missing - volumes not created
N2WS-13787 - Duplicate row in recovery search and empty dropdown fields (e.g., VPC)
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