Release notes for the latest v3.1.x CPM release

Release notes for the latest v3.1.x CPM release

In order to upgrade to version 3.1.x from 2.4.x/2.5.x/2.6.x , please see the instructions here:
In addition, If you are using VSS Agents, after the latest version is installed, please manually upgrade VSS Agents by downloading the thin backup agent from the upgraded CPM server and reinstalling within the instance OS.
First time Installing N2WS Backup & Recovery? Watch the 'Install and Configure N2WS Backup & Recovery 3.0'  video tutorial created by our solution architect:
Permissions: due to the new functionality in v3.1, you may need to update your permission policies. Please see the JSON templates attached to this KB:

Upgrade to 3.1.0 from 2.x is available via AMI upgrade only.
Upgrade to 3.1.0b from 3.0.x is available via AMI upgrade or Patch upgrade (Please see this KB Article for instructions - How to upgrade to the latest CPM version using the patch method )

Main New Features in v3.1.0:

S3 Sync
  1. New S3 bucket synchronization which replicates objects from one S3 bucket to another (cross account and cross region)
S3 Enhancements 
  1. Uses new EBS direct snapshot API to speed up copy to S3 and reduce costs
  2. We now support 'Zero EBS snapshot' policies which enable you to copy to S3 without keeping the EBS snapshot
  3. We have added support for custom tags on worker instance
  4. We redesigned the lock mechanism, Now restore can be done always and Copy/cleanup can be done at same time
  5. For regions that support the new EBS direct snapshot API we removed the limitation for copying root volume of instances purchased from Amazon Marketplace
Recovery Scenario scheduling  
  1. We have added the option to schedule recovery scenarios 
Customs tags for Tag scan
  1. You can now use custom tags for tag scan functionality 
EFS Enhancement
  1. Cross Region DR now available for EFS
Snapshot Report
  1. We have added information about the snapshot data size & data changes

Change log:

September 14, 2020 - version 3.1.0b (patch is here:
***Note: If you upgrade using a patch, please create a snapshot of the data volume before applying it

N2WS-15476 - Lowering the amount of EBS API calls during copy operation 

Issues fixed:
N2WS-15429 - S3 Sync creates objects without permission for target bucket owner
N2WS-15365 - AMI backup might fails with error  BlockDeviceMappings[4].Ebs: "NoDevice"
N2WS-15098 - Backup for EC2 with placement group might fails with error DataError: (1406, "Data too long for column 'aws_placement' at row 1")
N2WS-15159 -  EFS DR fails after one hour because Token is expiring with error ExpiredTokenException 
N2WS-15357 - S3 cleanup might fails when normal cleanup run at same time with error "The following snapshot(s) could not be deleted from repository"
N2WS-15031 -  S3 Sync targets not available after patch upgrade 
N2WS-14891 -  When filtering in the backup monitor getting error unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'NoneType'
N2WS-14868 - S3 Backup may start failing with error "Failed to start copy operation: A Copy operation is is progress"
N2WS-14596 - "Entity not found" error on the Dashboard on attempt to login with another user
N2WS-14596 - UI cancel button not working properly
N2WS-14896 - Changing Auto-assign Public IP option cause recover to fail with error Unknown parameter in NetworkInterfaces[0]
N2WS-15089 - Running of Recovery Scenario after deleting of another causes exception No RecoveryScenario matches the given query.
N2WS-15836 - SES setting dropdown fails to display some regions 

August 4, 2020 - version 3.1.0a

Issues fixed:

N2WS-14705 - Schedule is not working for S3 sync target
N2WS-14630 - Backup fail with 'Exception Tag keys cannot start with the reserved prefix "aws:". (InvalidParameterValue)'
N2WS-14785 - DR fail with 'Exception: Tag keys starting with 'aws:' are reserved for internal use (TagPolicyViolation)'
N2WS-14611 - Volume encrypted with shared key are restored unencrypted from S3
N2WS-14583 - Target count is zero when adding EFS DR recovery scenario
N2WS-14726 - When recovering cross region getting error 'dict' object has no attribute 'id'
N2WS-14748 - S3Sync give error "The provided token has expired" after 1 hour
N2WS-14796 - S3Sync, getting 'Bucket does not exist ' error during save even if it is existing
N2WS-14799 - Notification Setup Failure in GovCloud

July 9, 2020 - version 3.1.0

N2WS-13267 - CPMCONFIG may be anywhere in user data for silent config
N2WS-13712 - Add option to download logs upon failed installation
N2WS-13326/N2WS-12375 - Allow root delegates to have access to S3 Repo, Notifcations, Users and General Settings section
N2WS-13620 - Support new region: Cape Town
N2WS-13795 - Support new region: Milan
N2WS-14076 - Add Additional Confirmation Step Before Allowing to Delete a Policy, Account or User
N2WS-11978 - For Backup Report have the “deleted” indication in a different column and Keep existing status column
N2WS-14142 - Workers can be configured to connect to FQDN that client can customize
N2WS-13994 - Add a search box to the list view filters to allow searching within the options
N2WS-13743 - CPM will check if EC2 is down for app-aware windows backups
N2WS-13553 - API access token expiration time can be configured 
N2WS-13858 - Allow user to launch cleanup worker in cpm region

Issues fixed:
N2WS-13584 - Cant delete S3 repository if bucket is deleted
N2WS-13184/N2WS-13182 - Update information for Delete account or the Delete account and data button 
N2WS-13639 - EFS resource tagged no-backup shows in Unprotected Resources report
N2WS-13855 - Clear the Instance Profile ARN field when To Account is DR account
N2WS-13549 - Using '%' in search textbox causes the page to stop working
N2WS-14079 - S3 Cleanup log may contain wrong information if S3 Cleanup runs again before the last one has finished
N2WS-13467 - False warning for S3  'previous copy is in progress' despite the fact that no S3 copy is needed for this run.
N2WS-13535 - Searching in backup monitor causes high CPU usage 
N2WS-13155 - No subscription created in cpm_summary_topic
N2WS-14137 - When recovering volume, EC2 instances not appearing in "Attach to instance" selector
N2WS-14151 - Watchdog Killed the DR process after not responding 
N2WS-10311 - C2S3 fails due to previously S3 cleanup lock operation
N2WS-13972 - Backup fails with 'internal Agent error' and  '[Errno 24] Too many open files'
N2WS-14230 - Clicking on policy in second page of agent tab, returns you to first tab
N2WS-13474 - FLR is not logged in Audit logs
N2WS-14050 - S3 Cleanup Workers are launched with unnecessary large size
N2WS-14254 - Prior Configurations cleared after adding to existing Recovery Scenario
N2WS-14253 - When recovering instance that's only stored in s3 it fails with error "Account matching query does not exist "
N2WS-14282 - For FLR/Explore, run ntfsfix for ntfs volumes before mounting
N2WS-14285 - Exception occurred during recover dry-run. Reason: IP address not in subnet
N2WS-14275 - Cross account recover of encrypted instance fails with 'InvalidBlockDeviceMapping'
N2WS-14325 - Make sure init instance does not fail if there is no key-pair
N2WS-13968 - Recover to DR not available when backup is AMI Only
N2WS-14396 - RDS recovered to wrong account
N2WS-14398 - RDS recover dropdowns are incorrect
N2WS-12858 - Thin agent status 'never heard from' due to windows environment variable
N2WS-14525 - Building wrong ARNs for EFS in gov regions (default role and backup)
N2WS-14326 - Dashboard and Backup monitor doesn't show data
N2WS-13787 - Duplicate row in recovery search and empty dropdown fields in recover window (e.g., VPC)
N2WS-14338 - Snapshot cleanup fails with "delete operation failed. Reason: <unknown>:1:0: not well-formed (invalid token) (error: None)"
N2WS-13153 - Handle backup & scan job 'Rate Exceeded' errors 
N2WS-14592 - Recover error "The parameter LicenseSpecification is not recognized"
N2WS-13465 - Unable to change the Recovery Destination Region for a Recovery Scenario

Known issues
N2WS-12779 - FireFox timeout occurs before VPC clone is completed, However clone is successful eventually.
                         Customers encountering this issue may use other browsers as a workaround.   
N2WS-13432 - DST maybe impact resource control group scheduling 
N2WS-14560 - Capture VPC is successful even if VPC permissions are removed after upgrade (Until CPM restarts)

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