S3 copy fails with error Error Worker configuration not found

S3 copy fails with error: Error - Worker configuration not found

When running a Copy to S3 policy, you may receive an error that states "Error - Worker configuration not found".

Depending on the location of the instance that is being backed up, the error will specify the region and/or account that a worker instance should be configured for in order for the policy to be successful. An example of this error is shown below. 

Error - Worker configuration not found for account example-account, region us-west-2. Cannot launch worker

In order to fix this, a worker instance will need to be configured with the correct region and/or account specified in the error message above.

For more information on how to configure a worker instance, please take a look at chapter "Configuring Workers" in our User Guide: https://docs.n2ws.com/user-guide/22-configuring-workers