S3 copy fails with error Error Worker configuration not found

Cleanup from S3 or S3 copy fails with error: Worker configuration not found

When running a Copy to S3 policy, you may receive an error that states Worker configuration not found

Or when S3 cleanup runs, you may see similar error in S3 cleanup logs.


The error will specify the region and/or account that a worker instance should be configured for in order for the policy to be successful. An example of this error is shown below. 
Error - Worker configuration not found for account example-account, region us-east-2. Cannot launch worker

In order to fix this, a worker instance will need to be configured with the correct region and/or account name specified in the error message above.

1. Go to worker configuration
2. Select the acount name for which copy or cleanup was failing
3. Select the specific region
4. Select relevant network config

For more information on how to configure a worker instance, please take a look at chapter "Configuring Workers" in our User Guide: https://docs.n2ws.com/user-guide/22-configuring-workers