Could not mount the new volume, returned: 8192

Upgrade fails with error "Could not mount the new volume, returned: 8192"

If you get this error message during an upgrade, it is very likely that the filesystem is corrupted on the CPMData Volume.

Please perform these steps:

1) Connect to N2WS EC2 instance where the upgrade failed using user "cpmuser" and your Key
2) Perform these commands:     
      a) sudo su
      b) fsck /dev/nvme1n1
3) It will find some errors and will ask if you want to fix them, you need to type "Y" every time

4) Once the errors have been fixed, terminate the N2WS Server and launch a new one
5) Use this fixed Volume for the upgrade

If the issue is still not fixed, please contact N2WS Support and provide the logs from /var/log/cpm