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            CPM cleanup may fail with delete operation failed. Reason: The snapshot is currently in use by ami- ######## (error: InvalidSnapshot.InUse)

            2019-09-30 23:16:54,583:[140578705110784][----------] ERROR:  append_records_to_volumes_snaps_deleted_list(agent.py:3615)  Failed to delete snapshot snap-47212b19 (policy Daily_Snaps), delete operation failed. Reason: The snapshot snap-472ce123 is currently in use by ami-dd3b20bc  




            This error can be resolved by searching the EC2 console under AMI's for this id  ami-cc3b20ad and then deregister the AMI. 


            The above message appears in the cpm_agent.log and what you may want to do is download and uncompress the CPM log bundle from the bottom of the CPM Web GUI.

            1. Open the logs in a  text editor like notepad++ (free and works great). 

            2. Then search all the log files for the snapshot ids or the AMI id. This will help you locate the policy names and narrow down which account to search in if using multiple accounts.

            3. The next step after you know the policy name is to look in the configuration.csv and search for the policy name and it shows which account owns the policy

            4. Search Under the heading "Policies"  Which will help you locate the account associated with the policy.

            This is a screenshot of the configuration.csv and I searched for that policy and you can see the account name circled in red.

            5. Open the AWS EC2 console and search that account under AMI's or snapshot ids.

            6. Please right-click on the AMI and select deregister AMI and when the next cleanup runs the snapshot should be removed.

            Updated: 15 Dec 2019 10:47 PM
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