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            Error when running a Permissions check post upgrade CPM 2.4 , [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/opt/n2wsoftware/scripts/permissions.json'

            After upgrading to CPM 2.4 users may experience an error when on the Accounts page and clicking on 'Check AWS permissions' button may receive the following error:

            [Errorno 13] Permission Denied: '/opt/n2wsoftware/scripts/permissions.json' 

            This error may also occur when trying to download the CPM logs from the bottom of the Manager screen and the same error may be entered into the cpm_server.log
            This error is caused by missing group permissions on the CPM Instance folder /opt/n2wsoftware/scripts for the group www-data. 

            Resolve the permissions issue manually:
            1. ssh into the CPM instance using the cpmuser account and the private key for the instance.
            2. Please run the following commands to update the folder permissions:
            sudo chmod  g+w /opt/n2wsoftware/scripts/permissions.json
            sudo chown  :www-data /opt/n2wsoftware/scripts/permissions.json

            NOTE: It is highly advised to restart the CPM instance after making these changes to have them take effect.

            Updated: 29 Dec 2018 09:45 AM
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