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            Error when trying to configure S3 Copy "The cpmdata policy must be configured before 'Copy to S3' can be used".

            When trying to create an S3 Repository in the CPM Manager screen you will get an error if the cmpdata policy
            is not configured and enabled like this:

            "The cpmdata policy must be configured before 'Copy to S3' can be used".

            Please create a policy named "cmpdata" by selecting the Policies tab in the N2WS Manager screen. Then click on the "New Policy Button"
            Please enter the Name the policy as  "cpmdata" and make sure that the Status is enabled and that a valid schedule is applied to this policy under Schedules. Then click the Apply Button.

            You will now see the newly created cpmdata policy in the screen.

            Once this is completed you can now go back to the create Repository screen by hitting the S3 Repositories button at the top of the screen.

            Please fill in the requested information Repository Name, User, Account, AWS Region, and AWS Bucket Name.
            Note: AWS S3 bucket names are globally unique. This means that if someone else has a bucket of a certain name,
            you cannot have a bucket with that same name. te

            Please click the Create Button:

            You get a progress indicator stating it is creating the Repository.

            Then the new S3 Repository will appear in the below section.


            Updated: 10 Dec 2018 01:34 AM
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