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            How to increase the VSS/scripts timeout on CPM 2.1 and higher

            VSS timeout controls two parameters:
            1) How long can a VSS operation take.
            2) How much time can pass between VSS operations (e.g how much time can a snapshot take).

            Starting with v2.4.0 (installed on both the server and agents), VSS timeout can be set on a policy level, by using the "Scripts Timeout" setting under "More Options":

            The default value for VSS is 2700 seconds (45 minutes), despite "300" shown in the UI.
            You can try setting this field to a higher value, e.g. 36000 (10 hours).

            For versions between and 2.3.x, the following procedure should be used:
            1) Open "Backup Targets" and click on "Configure" for the instance for which you need to increase the timeout.
            2) Put the required value in "Scripts\VSS Timeout (in seconds)" and apply the change.

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