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            How to migrate a CPM Server to a different account

            Attention: this procedure only applies to non-BYOL editions. BYOL customers should contact sales@n2ws.com and ask to add the new account to their license prior to attempting a migration using the process described below.
            Important: Before performing this procedure, please make sure that the iAM Role you plan to assign to the new CPm Server has permissions/trust relationships to assume your backup accounts in CPM

            Here are the steps for migrating a CPM Server to a different account:
            1) Please set "Auto Target Removal" to "No" in all policies.
            2) Stop your existing instance
            3) Take a snapshot of the data volume
            4) Share that snapshot with the new account, then copy it to the new account
            5) Create an EBS volume from the snapshot in the new account, create it in the region you are launching the new instance into.
            6) Subscribe to your CPM product from the new account (please make sure you are subscribing to the same edition), then launch a new instance from our marketplace AMI
            7) Complete the configuration process for the new instance. During the configuration process:
            - use the same username you had before, you can create a new password
            - Choose the existing data volume option
            - At the next step choose the new data volume you created from the snapshot (it should appear on the list if the volume and instance are in the same AZ).
            8) You may need to update your accounts in CPM, if you have used "CPM Instance Role" to assume other roles in your old CPM.
            9) You can restore the "Auto Target Removal" in all policies to their old value.

            Once your new instance is up and running, please terminate the old one and then cancel the subscription in the old account. You can do it here: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/library

            Since AWS Marketplace charges are pro-rated, you will pay for the new account from the day you have subscribed - you will receive a refund in the old account for the time not used for your old subscription.

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