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            Patch for cost reduction of copy to S3

            Installation of the patch attached to this KB will reduce costs drastically for customers who are using S3 (Between 5 to 20 times less expensive than previous version)

            The improvements are:

            • For copied volumes which are larger than 512GB, worker’s volume type will be sc1 instead of gp2
            • Better data reading performance which results in creating up to 2 Worker volumes instead of up to 10 worker volumes for copying the data to S3

            IMPORTANT - The patch should only be installed to v2.4.0 base version.

            - Only patch when no backups, DR, or S3 copies are running.
            - After installing the patch, it may take a few minutes for the CPM GUI to become responsive again in the browser.
            - It is suggested to install the patch, wait 10 minutes then reboot the CPM server.

               The patch can be applied by using the "CPM patches" link at the bottom of the GUI:

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 03:15 AM
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