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            Permission checks fails with Error: “User not Found”

            Permission checks fails with Error: “User not Found”


            You may receive the following error when checking permissions on an account within CPM.  Also, the policy check .CSV file will show only “User not Found” when opened.

            In the cpm_server logs you may see the following errors

            Note: ”user” represents the account name

            INFO:  account_page_check_permissions(views.py:4625)  User (“user”) request permission check for account (G-CORP)

            ERROR:  account_page_check_permissions(views.py:4639)  Requested permission check failed [account (1) by user “user”)]: user not found

            ERROR:  collect_support_logs(views.py:701)  permission check failed [account (01234567891024) by admin (“user”)]: user not found

            Also, under the Accounts section you may see the following in the authentication column.

            You may see the following under the account details.

            This is a permissions issue.

            To correct the issue, you will need to make sure the IAM Role or IAM User has the correct CPM Permissions applied to is using the steps in the link below. 

            Then run a permissions check for that user again.

            Here is a link to the correct permissions file for CPM 2.4 along with instructions on how to apply them.

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