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            Release notes for the latest v2.6.x CPM release

            In order to upgrade to v2.6.x from any version, please use the AMI upgrade method . The upgrade instructions are in the chapter 1.3.5 "Upgrading the N2WS Server Instance" at https://n2ws.com/support/documentation/introduction-to-cpm#13

            In order to upgrade to v2.6.x from v2.6.0 or newer only, you can use the patch file attached at the bottom of this KB (unzip it first).
            Attention: after applying this patch, please reboot the CPM Server instance.

            Before the upgrade, please take this into consideration:
            1. Due to the new functionality in v2.6, you may need to update your permission policies. Please see the JSON templates attached to this KB: https://support.n2ws.com/portal/kb/articles/what-are-the-required-minimal-aws-permissions-roles-for-cpm-operation

            2. No backups, DR or S3 copies should be running or scheduled to run while performing the upgrade.
            Please take steps such as disabling schedules to ensure policies will not try to run until the upgrade is complete.

            3. it is now a requirement to attach an IAM role to the CPM server instance.

            4. After the latest version is installed, please manually upgrade VSS Agents by downloading the thin backup agent from the upgraded CPM server and reinstalling within the instance OS (if your VSS Agents are older than v2.4)

            5. Using File Level Recovery in v2.6.x requires usage of Worker instances, which should be allowed to communicate to CPM Server over HTTPS and SSH. Please read here for more information:    https://n2ws.com/support/documentation/12-file-level-recovery

            Main New Features in v2.6:

            ·         Backup and recovery for EFS:
            Scalable backup for EFS workloads from one centralized console, transition backups to cold storage and automate retention.

            ·         Cross-region and cross-account File-level recovery with support for encrypted volumes – 
            File-level recovery now works on snapshots that reside on a remote region, and is supported cross-account with full support for encrypted snapshots

            ·         Enhanced Reports:

            o   Generate scheduled reports or download on-demand:
            Easily monitor protected resources, usage and schedule reports to meet audit requirements.

            o   Usage reports

            ·         OS is upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04:
            Benefit from a robust platform with the latest security and performance enhancements.

            New RESTful API and CLI version
            Release of API v1.3.0, with full set of RESTful API and CLI capabilities - allowing automation of backup and recovery tasks and can serve as an extension to AWS APIs for automation of cloud operations

            Change log:

            August 20, 2019 (CRC - 52D4C6F9) - version 2.6.0b

            Issues fixed:
            N2WS-7376      Cleanup may result in "failed to delete expired snapshots from S3" error if S3 backups were manually deleted before Cleanup.
            N2WS-8473      Recovering instance in v2.6.0a (only) via REST API may result in error 500 and the "AttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'aws_region'" exception
            N2WS-8861      Excluded volumes may be backed up after upgrading to v2.6.x
            N2WS-8862     Standard Edition customers may be unable to perform File Level Recovery in v2.6 due to the missing "configure workers" link
            N2WS-8786     RDS DR may fail in v2.6.x with the "cannot be copied because it does not exist in your account" error
            N2WS-8848     S3 worker in v2.6 may fail to establish connection with the "IndexError: list index out of range message" error
            N2WS-9081     Cross-region and cross-account DR of an encrypted RDS cluster may fail in v2.6
            N2WS-9100     Instance recovery may fail with error 500 with the "UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0x8b in position 1: invalid start byte" exception
            N2WS-9146     Tag options may be ignored when policy's name is not using the same upper/lower case as in UI.

            N2WS-8779      Enable installation of CPM in "Recovery Only" mode

            July 21, 2019 (CRC - C790A482) - version 2.6.0a

            Issues fixed:
            N2WS-515       Linux app consistency scripts (of all types) are not killed if lingers
            N2WS-8389    EFS recovery may fail with error message:  "Unable to locate credentials (UnknownError)"
            N2WS-8408    Upgrade using AMI to v2.6.0 from earlier versions may fail with "Configuration Failed" and "Could not migrate database to version 2.6.0 scheme" (AMI only)
            N2WS-8437     Installation/upgrade to v2.6.0 using the AMI method may fail when using proxy with error 500 displayed
            (AMI only)
            N2WS-8462    Upgrade using AMI to v2.6.0 from earlier versions may fail with the Configuration Wizard timing out and "Could not upgrade mysql"
            (AMI only)
            N2WS-8464    Tag scan may fail after upgrade to v2.6.0 with the "KeyError: 'config_args'" error, when a resource is tagged with the "no-backup" tag value
            N2WS-8463    S3 Backup may fail after upgrade to v2.6 with the error "Error - Workers could not be launched"
            N2WS-8465    S3 Cleanup may fail after upgrade to v2.6.0 if there is no worker configuration for the account/region in which S3 Repository resides

            July 5, 2019  - version 2.6.0

            N2WS-7214         Increased the default size of CPM root volume to 30GB.
            N2WS-6953       Added ability to abort S3 cleanup operation
            N2WS-6155        Added automatic creation of data volume’s snapshot before an AMI upgrade
            N2WS-6051        Added support for C5 and M5 instances for CPM Server, removed M4.
            N2WS-5727        Added the “user_permissions.csv” file to the support logs
            N2WS-5617         Added support new DB instance class type for Aurora backup - t3.
            N2WS-5592        Increasing Key Pair name limit to 255 characters (from 30)
            N2WS-5410         Added support for instance types for backup: m5.metal, m5d.metal, r5.metal, r5d.metal, z1d.metal, I3en, M5ad and R5ad,  T3a
            N2WS-5391         Added support for Azure Active Directory in IDP
            N2WS-5317         Added user and account information for alerts
            N2WS-5316         Unprotected resource report will not include instances with the “cpm backup” tag with “no-backup” value
            N2WS-5315         Added support for configuring notifications for managed users (by the user that manages them).
            N2WS-5183         Added Apache and MySQL logs to CPM's log collection
            N2WS-4502        Added ability to select volume type and encryption option during creation of the CPM data volume in the Configuration Wizard
            N2WS-4484        Added support for XFS in File Level Restore
            N2WS-3663        Added ability to copy to S3 policies containing resources in multiple regions
            N2WS-2311         Added Ability to exclude a volume from an instance which is backed up on policy using the “cpm backup” tag
            N2WS-1583        Enhanced cross account/region DR functionality - allow users to copy there backup snapshots to multiple AWS regions as well as various AWS Accounts and combine between cross account and cross region options.

            N2WS-6712        Minimal CPM instance size for v2.6 and up was increased to t2/t3.small

            Issues fixed:
            N2WS-7040        Cleanup may start an excessive amount of workers
            N2WS-7037        Cleanup may fail with "A stuck task was detected" if an instance was removed from S3-enabled policy
            N2WS-6858        Remote Agents logs may be printed as a single line in local CPM Agent's logs
            N2WS-6683        Downloading CPM logs may fail due to large file size
            N2WS-6494        Restore of an Aurora cluster with the “InvalidParameterCombination” exception
            N2WS-6491         Instance recovery may fail with "A Problem Occurred (500)” error and the "SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal” exception
            N2WS-6487        CPM may abort scanning some accounts due to the  “TypeError: string indices must be integers, not str” exception
            N2WS-6486        Instance recovery from S3 may fail with the “Failed checking snapshot availability” error
            N2WS-6384        CPM may abort scanning some accounts due to the “UnboundLocalError” exception
            N2WS-6286        Tag Scanning may fail with the “MultipleObjectsReturned” exception
            N2WS-6257        CPM may display "500 Internal Server Error" after changing CPM Server’s instance type from t2 to t3
            N2WS-6229        S3 backup may fail with the “A stuck task was detected” error
            N2WS-6120         Skipping an S3 backup on a volume with a Markeplace code may make the entire S3 copy be marked as “failed”
            N2WS-6207        Customers may be unable to restore S3 backups if EBS retention for these backups has expired
            N2WS-6079        File Level Restore may fail for LVM volumes
            N2WS-6044        Restore from S3 may fail for resources with tags with “aws:” prefix
            N2WS-5943        Snapshot view report may fail with an error "A Problem Occurred (500).."
            N2WS-5894        “Delete Snapshots” may result in “Error 500” if the policy has S3 backups.
            N2WS-5731         Recovery of PV instances may fail with the “You cannot launch multiple AMIs with different virtualization styles at the same time” error
            N2WS-5699        Added a configuration parameter “keep_root_volume_of_failed_proxy” to control deletion of failed S3 workers – “no” by default.
            N2WS-5504        DR may fail with the “AttributeError: DRVolumeParams instance has no attribute 'policy'” error
            N2WS-5499        Using “cpm backup” tag for DynamoDB tables may cause wrong usage statistics in the usage report
            N2WS-5493        S3 copy may fail with the "Workers could not be launched" and “WaiterError: Waiter InstanceRunning failed: Request limit exceeded” errors
            N2WS-5242        Some alerts may not have a timestamp
            N2WS-5012         Protected Resources report for all users may not show all accounts per user
            N2WS-4522        Recovering an instance with a single (root) volume from S3 may fail with the “Could not start recovery operation. Reason: list index out of range” error
            N2WS-3773         Backup may fail with "Backup is aborted due to an internal agent error" and “InvalidSnapshot.NotFound” errors
            N2WS-3097         Improving performance of Backup View and Snapshot View reports

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