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            Release notes for the latest v2.7.x CPM release

            In order to upgrade to v2.7.0 from any version, please see the instructions here: https://support.n2ws.com/portal/kb/articles/upgrade-instructions-for-v2-7-0

            Main New Features in v2.7:

            ·         New implementation of S3 Backup

            A more robust implementation of S3 backup is replacing the old one. It has the following advantages:
                  1. Support for cheaper S3 storage (IA - infrequent Access)
                  2. Support for volumes up to 16TB
                  3. Ability to force a "full" backup
            Existing customers with S3 Backup should read this: https://support.n2ws.com/portal/kb/articles/upgrade-instructions-for-v2-7-0


            Change log:

            October 14, 2019 - version 2.7.0

            Issues fixed:

            N2WS-9576      Alerts about failed S3 Cleanup may be sent repeatedly, if policy's S3 repository was changed and the policy was disabled
            N2WS-9592      Scheduled reports may not be sent with the "ClientError: An error occurred (ExpiredToken) when calling the ListVerifiedEmailAddresses operation: The security token included in the request is expired" error    
            N2WS-9626      RDS backups may fail with "CPM Server identified this backup as orphaned: marking as failed"
            N2WS-9700      Single AMI rotation may fail with the "TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'datetime.datetime' and 'NoneType'" error
            N2WS-9768      CPM Agent may not restart itself after patch installation, rendering some of the fixes unavailable until reboot.
            N2WS-10010      Failed RDS snapshots with "No ID" may accumulate over time
            N2WS-10064     CPM may auto-remove resources from a backup policy if it fails to assume a role


            N2WS-6064      Support changing SNS settings of managed user by root/independent with REST API
            N2WS-7565      Added support for the new sizes of M5 and R5 instances
            N2WS-9237      Adding explanation of "SnapshotCreationPerVolumeRateExceeded" to the Backup Log
            N2WS-9471      Added support for the new sizes of RDS instances - db.m5.8xlarge, db.m5.16xlarge, db.r5.8xlarge & db.r5.16xlarge
            N2WS-9545      Added support for the new sizes of C5, C5n and I3en instances
            N2WS-9913      Added support for the Bahrain region
            N2WS-10016      Improving performance of MySQL
            N2WS-10189      Added support for the G4 family of instances

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