How to change the certificate and key used by CPM

How to change the SSL certificate and key used by CPM

Important: This procedure should be performed when there are no Backups/DR/Cleanup/S3 Copy running. In addition, Linux knowledge is Required.

If you need to install a CA SSL certificate, here are the instructions:
  1. Connect to the N2WS instance over SSH
  2. You will need to use "sudo" to reach the cert folder. Please keep ownership and permissions of the files ("cp" will do it).
  3. Go to the folder: /opt/n2wsoftware/cert 
  4. Replace the 2 files in the folder: cpm_server.crt and cpm_server.key , make sure new files have same name
    1. If you are using MobaXterm you can simple drag/drop files to the SSH session, and then copy to the correct folder
  5. After replacing,  type the command: sudo service apache2 restart
Additional useful info
In order to perform the above operations, you need to connect to the instance with SSH (your assigned private key and username: "cpmuser").
If you don't know how, this KB Article which show how to connect to CPM over SSH: How to connect to an instance in AWS using SSH

If you are unfamiliar with Linux command, this Ubuntu article explain about various commands: The Linux command line for beginners ,the command need here are mostly: cd, cp, ls, sudo, chmod
To change file ownership to be similar to the original files, see this online article: How to Copy File Permissions and Ownership to Another File in Linux

Certificate: here are some online tools to verify the validity of your certificate: