How to Check for AWS Permissions

How to Check for AWS Permissions

Each account in N2WS is mapped to a specific Roles or IAM user in AWS, You can see the list of account and authentication types in the Account Tab:


For each account, you can select it and then click on 'Check AWS Permissions'

This will test the permissions status for the account by category, If they are fine it will be Green and if something is missing it will be red

What to do If permissions are missing?

you need to make sure you download the latest json policies from this KB Article.
Be aware that for some editions you have 2 json policy file, If there are two then you need them BOTH.
  1. Link: What are the required minimal AWS permissions/roles for CPM operation?

Can anything else impact permissions?

Yes, sometimes other AWS configuration might impact permissions,
For example AWS Oragnization SCP(Service Control Policies) 
One useful tool is the AWS Policy Simulator which can help you test for permission: