N2WS-20379 - Possible invalid archive configuration

N2WS-20379 - Possible invalid archive configuration


Glacier Archive retention is calculated based on the original backup creation time (just like S3 retention), and not based on the time of the archive. This misunderstanding can lead customers to set archive retention lower than S3 retention, leading to backups being deleted immediately after moving to archive storage. For example if both S3 and Glacier are set to 1 year retention, then backup will be deleted immediately after moving to glacier - as the backup is already 1 year old.

Patch for v4.0.0c is available and attached to this KB. This patch will check if the backup is configured to be deleted immediately after moving to Glacier by checking for a minimum effective archive period of 1 month(s), If it is below 1 month the patch will stop S3 cleanup and archive from being performed until the configuration is fixed. The following alert will be raised in CPM:

Title (message subject): 'Invalid archive retention setup detected'
Body:  'Archive retention setup of policy <policy name> (delete when backup age > <X> months) is invalid, because backups archived now will be deleted before a minimum archive period of 1 month(s). S3 Archive and Cleanup for the policy will not be performed until the configuration is fixed' 

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