Release notes for the latest v4.0.x CPM release

Release notes for the latest v4.0.x CPM release

First time Installing? Watch the ' Install and Configure N2WS Backup & Recovery '  video tutorial created by our solution architect:
For upgrade instructions please check this KB Article:
Permissions: due to the new functionality, you may need to update your permission policies. Please see the JSON templates attached to this KB:
CPM VSS Agent:  The agent was last changed at v3.1.x, when upgrading from an earlier version you will need to update the agent after the upgrade.
Please manually upgrade the VSS Agents by downloading the thin backup agent from the upgraded CPM server UI and reinstalling it within the instance OS.

Upgrade to 4.0.0c  from 2.x/3.x/ 4.x is available via AMI upgrade only.

Main New Features in v4.0.0:

Backup and recovery for Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines
Protect Azure VMs and disks from data loss. Create flexible policies, define retention, and recover in moments. Monitor and manage AWS and Azure workloads from a single pane of glass.

Data Lifecycle Management for Amazon RDS
Archive RDS MySQL snapshots to Amazon S3 for long-term, compliant storage (experimental).

Backup and recovery for Amazon Aurora Serverless
Protect Aurora Serverless workloads alongside your other AWS services.

SSM agent support for application consistent backups
You can now use AWS SSM agent to take EC2 application consistent backups

SMTP Support
Support added for sending reports via SMTP

N2WS-19529 – Backup/recovery support for new EC2 instance types: M6i, D3, D3en, g4ad, g4dn
N2WS-19465  Enable manual recovery scenario in force recovery mode

Issues fixed:
N2WS-19463 - SSM backup fails with "ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list"
Security Fixes:
Apache/2.4.51– Apache upgraded to latest version

September  23, 2021 - version 4.0.0b

Issues fixed:
N2WS-19787 - Backup retry get stuck with "ValueError: malformed string"
N2WS-19404 - Extremely high amount of DescribeSnapshots API requests
N2WS-19299 - False alert for missed schedules
N2WS-19261 - Recover EC2 snapshot from DR account fail with "No snapshots on region"
N2WS-19169 - Cleanup of cross-region AMI DR may fail with "Can't find mapping for account"
N2WS-19168 - DR fails because AMI has marketplace product code
N2WS-19110 - RDS & Aurora failing DR when using default encryption on target region
N2WS-19081 - Resource Control Group schedules might change unintentionally
N2WS-19074 - Remove warning when aws is enabled for tag scan - "Warning - There are no Azure accounts enabled for tag scan"
N2WS-19058 - Clone VPC showing ok in UI but failing with "TypeError: slice indices must be integers or None or have an __index__ method"
N2WS-18941 - Log message contains incorrect AMI id  
N2WS-18906 - Missing  r5b.large instance type when restoring.
N2WS-17630 - File Level Recovery fails with "local device xvdf (xvdf) does not exist" when using T2 worker

August 1, 2021 - version 4.0.0a

Issues fixed:
N2WS-18990 – Disable tag alert for aurora cluster
N2WS-18965 - Schedules not running due to exception " '>' not supported between instances of '' and 'NoneType'"
N2WS-18942 - Permissions changed on cpmdata/scripts after upgrade
N2WS-18939 - Getting exception "malformed node or string: None" when trying to open recover windows
N2WS-18930 - The restore button is grayed out for backups taken with CPM 3.x for Aurora clusters.
N2WS-18908 - backups are aborting due to an internal agent error
N2WS-18852 - Change azure info refresh log message to debug 

July 2, 2021 - version 4.0.0

N2WS-18572 - Add the ability to disable the volume usage window
N2WS-18497 - Add the ability to search for EFS filesystems by name in backup monitor
N2WS-18304 - Add support for AWS cross-account DR AMI
N2WS-17832 - Add support for AWS Osaka region 
N2WS-17447 - Add the option to keep retry backup records 
N2WS-17311 - Notify user if Announcement bucket is not accessible
N2WS-16151 - Add the ability to specify AWS CPU Options on the instance recovery panel

Issues fixed:
N2WS-18604 - Flr Failing with " no partition with supported file system found " due to dynamic disks.
N2WS-18560 - When "keep origin snapshots" is enabled the snapshot report "Deleted At" column is not getting updated
N2WS-18309 - "keep original snapshots" shows as enabled in UI even when it is disabled 
N2WS-18198 - Make sure that recovering windows/Linux with "Snapshots With Initial AMI" backup option restores the instance properly with billing code
N2WS-18122 - Improve cleanup process to reduce cpu and DB stress
N2WS-18084 - Backup policies with " exclude volumes" selected, may result with all volumes being excluded
N2WS-18082 - False cleanup warning message for backups to S3 with Zero EBS option
N2WS-17952 - FLR may fail with " CpmException: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 98: invalid continuation byte"
N2WS-17820 - DR fails with " TypeError: %d format: a number is required, not str"
N2WS-17777 - RestAPI url changed from " protected-resources" to " protected_resources"
N2WS-17735 - EFS cleanup failing with  AccessDeniedException when backup vault is already deleted
N2WS-17670 - Worker volumes might not be deleted after S3 copy job
N2WS-17653 - Backup report showing incorrect status when record is deleted 
N2WS-17612 - Using GP3 volume type may cause a Recovery Scenario to fail 
N2WS-17604 - Instance Recovery settings window, Volumes tab - pressing the capacity arrows don't work properly
N2WS-17593 - Instance may be recovered with IAM role even when clearing the IAM box
N2WS-17553 - report was sent zipped even when under 10MB
N2WS-17377 - Issue removing DynamoDB from tag scan due to switching to IAM role
N2WS-17088 - The "Generate and Save API Authentication Key" button extends invisibly to the entire length of the screen
N2WS-17075 - CPM Server, DR and API logs can be unexpectedly truncated
N2WS-16750 - AWS permission check may show false missing permissions on DR account
N2WS-16639 - RDS recovery may fail with " please explicitly provide an EC2 security group"
N2WS-15977 - REST may show wrong time in some time zones
N2WS-15810 - Resource control may run at the wrong time after a DST change
N2WS-15224 - Adding same instance to more than one policy may result in exceeding the license limit
N2WS-15042 - Removed or detached EBS instance volume may not get automatically removed from policy
N2WS-13217 – EC2 instance may not be renamed in Agents tab

Security Fixes:
CVE-2021-3449 – An OpenSSL TLS server may crash if sent a maliciously crafted renegotiation ClientHello message from a client.
CVE-2021-3177 – Python 3.x through 3.9.1 buffer overflow vulnerability.
CVE-2021-3156 – Sudo before 1.9.5p2 contains an off-by-one error that can result in a heap-based buffer overflow.
Apache/2.4.48 – Apache upgraded to latest version
N2WS-18738 – Password saved as plain text for Recovery Scenario target added only via RestAPI

Known issues
N2WS-18855 - During connection test with HTTP proxy for SMTP, getting " Network is unreachable exception"

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