Release notes for the latest v4.1.x CPM release

Release notes for the latest v4.1.x CPM release

First time Installing? Watch the Install and Configure N2WS Backup & Recovery  video tutorial

AMI upgrade is available from any version to 4.1.1a KB article: AMI upgrade
Patch upgrade: 
  1. From 4.1.0 to 4.1.1.  KB article: patch upgrade Patch File: 4.1.1_upgrade1.patch,
  2. From 4.1.1 to 4.1.1a. KB article: patch upgrade Patch File:  4.1.1a upgrade patch
    Note: 4.1.1a patch is for CPM 4.1.1 ONLY
Note: Please read upgrade documentation before performing AMI/Patch upgrade!

Main New Features in v4.1.1:

Copy to S3
  1. Add Glacier Instant Retrieval storage type to copy to S3 functionality
Audit Logs:
  1. Improved and more detailed audit logs

Main New Features in v4.1.0:

Backup & Recovery for SAP HANA
  1. Automate backup for SAP HANA in-memory database to an Amazon S3 repository and recover data with confidence to the original instance or to a new one with fully orchestrated recovery.

Additional AWS S3 Support
  1. Immutable Backups / Object Lock - Protect your data from accidental deletions as well as malicious attacks (like Ransomware) by creating immutable backups in your N2WS S3 repositories with the new S3 Object Lock integration enabled.
  2. RDS copy to S3 now supports Postgres engine, Archive to Glacier and Recover Users

Additional Amazon FSx Support
  1. Protect Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP alongside your other AWS services. Automate backup and benefit from orchestrated restore of all volumes or single volumes.
  2. Support for performing FsX Recovery via Recovery Scenarios

Additional VPC Clone Support
  1. Support for Transit gateway
  2. Improved support for VPC entities such as NAT Gateways and Route Tables 
  3. Removed VPC size limitation

Additional Azure cloud Support
October 25, 2022 - version 4.1.1a

N2WS-16523 - Add the ability to choose an encryption key when recovering volume from S3

Issues fixed:
N2WS-21501 - Capture VPC fails with "KeyError: 'TransitGatewayAttachments' "
N2WS-21454 - Capture VPC fails with "TypeError: cannot unpack non-iterable bool object"
N2WS-21452 - Unprotected reports showing volumes despite being included in the backup
N2WS-21451 - Dropdown region for backup target is not being populated when target is in china
N2WS-21447 - EFS Recovery fail with "Recovery dry-run failure. Invalid availability zone Regional"
N2WS-21441 - Cpm-manage-regions utiity fail "with ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'api' "
N2WS-21438 - Azure Storage account does not display all the info
N2WS-21390 - Remove aws only tabs when license is only for Azure.
N2WS-21382 - Cleanup orphaned worker volumes
N2WS-21358 - Cannot add very large FSX to policy
N2WS-21314 - Agent schedules not refreshed after exclude time disabled
N2WS-21305 - UI search (in the top menu) always takes you to the dashboard
N2WS-21282 - Fix handling of custom encryption key (key without alias)
N2WS-21278 - Clone TGW fails with KeyError
N2WS-21085 - Store KMS key ARN in S3 snap record even if KMS init fails
N2WS-21029 - Cleanup for S3 immutable failing with "KeyError: True"
N2WS-20913 - Copy to S3 fails with "Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails"
N2WS-14009 - Do not raise alert for non-optimal worker instance type

September 5, 2022 - version 4.1.1

N2WS-21239 - Backup/recovery support for new RDS instance types:  db.m6i
N2WS-21091 - Improve Lifecycle performance by provisioning GP3 volumes' bandwidth
N2WS-20967 - Backup/recovery support for new EC2 instance types:  m6i, M6id, C6id, c6a, c7g, x2idn, x2iedn, r6id, i4i
N2WS-20898 - Allow re-encryption of EBS volume snapshots from default ebs key to custom key during DR backup
N2WS-20872 - Improve Lifecycle performance by optimizing the workers
N2WS-20637 - Add UI option to enable/disable multiple policies 
N2WS-20259 - Support VPC entity prefix list IDs
N2WS-20143 - Improve Lifecycle performance by using multiple volumes per snapshot
N2WS-19054 - Add support for KMS Multi Region Keys
N2WS-18686 - Add CPU Options to instance recovery scenario

Issues fixed:
N2WS-21240 - Glacier cleanup won't start unless there's S3 cleanup to do
N2WS-21238 - Snapshot tags not copied to DR
N2WS-21236 - Increase configuration process timeout
N2WS-21134 - VPC template downloaded via API is empty
N2WS-21123 - Verify email address for SES is not needed when not in sandbox mode
N2WS-21053 - Scheduled backup retries cancelled if tag scan finds an EFS resource
N2WS-21029 - Cleanup jobs failing with immutable backups enabled
N2WS-21014 - Add Azure backup logs to download log option
N2WS-21000 - Watchdog Killed DR process after not responding for more than 1800 seconds
N2WS-20913 - Copy to S3 fails with "Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails"
N2WS-20879 - Save button for updating SAML Certificate is greyed out
N2WS-20851 - Recovery fails with error "Instance i-1234 is in stopping state."
N2WS-20837 - S3 failing when versioning is enabled and then disabled
N2WS-20769 - Changing SSM/VSS option for a backup target does update correctly
N2WS-20766 - RDS export fails due to error "RestoreDBInstanceFromDBSnapshot operation: No default subnet detected"
N2WS-20758 - Clone VPC may fail without showing any error
N2WS-20695 - Create AWS backup account fails with "Cannot Locate Resource" 
N2WS-20687 - Multiple VPC Capture issues
N2WS-20631 - Tag scan error "tag parser error: local variable 'policy' referenced before assignment "
N2WS-20598 - Marketplace AMI DR end with error instead of warning
N2WS-20492 - Using default option in "Encryption Key Detection" is not working
N2WS-20484 - Add Cost Explorer to the About license view
N2WS-20459 - Add grayed basic logs label to download logs popup
N2WS-20457 - Change this message to warning "Following 'app-aware' agents are not connected" 
N2WS-20424 - Allow collecting worker logs when S3 is disabled by license
N2WS-20266 - VSS Backup stuck when backup target doesn't have SSM permissions
N2WS-20042 - incorrect private IP assignment on recovery
N2WS-19976 - Firewall rules are not recovered for Azure SQL server
N2WS-19175 - AWS backup report in download logs missing 2 columns

Security Fixes:
Apache/2.4.54– Apache upgraded to latest version
N2WS-20705 - Add support for selecting password rules and history

March 8, 2022 - version 4.1.0

N2WS-20472 - Add support for "cpm_backup"
N2WS-20471 - Change tags from spaces to underscores in silent configuration
N2WS-19971 - Backup/recovery support for new EC2 instance types:  t4g, m6a, m5zn, m6g, m6gd, g5, g5g, r6i, c6i, c5a, c5ad, c6g, c6gd, c6gn, r6g, r6gd, x2gd
N2WS-19728 - worker custom tags don't get applied to the mounted volumes
N2WS-19616 - Use EBS API to copy to S3 volumes with marketplace codes.
N2WS-19067 - Add option to minimize all list views toolbars and filter bars
N2WS-19011 - Add context menus to tables
N2WS-18929 - Add Tag scan log filter
N2WS-18912 - Add S3 Expired status to the backup report
N2WS-18888 - View Azure and AWS simultaneously
N2WS-18631 - Add support for EFS cross account DR
N2WS-17936 - Add support for regional/One-zone EFS recovery
N2WS-17677 - Add a mechanism to delete volumes that leaked from worker
N2WS-17613 - Add Support for recovery scenario from S3 for independent volume
N2WS-17567 -  Add AMI ID to snapshot report
N2WS-16972 - Use GP3 volume type instead of GP2 for workers when copying small volumes
N2WS-16689 - Add option to disable EBS API for workers
N2WS-15689 - Persist columns widths
N2WS-15688 - Add option to customize columns display for tables
N2WS-13510 - Retain Parameter Group and Security Group settings on RDS recover

Issues fixed:
N2WS-20407 - FLR file corruption
N2WS-20379 - Possible invalid archive configuration
N2WS-20112 - Failing to terminate one zombie worker prevents from deleting other workers
N2WS-20096 - Cross-account recovery of encrypted volumes fails with watchdog timeout
N2WS-19901 - UI Agents screen times out
N2WS-19525 - Remove rds:CreateDBCluster from DR permission check
N2WS-19465 - Enable manual recovery scenario in force recovery mode
N2WS-19425 - Disable docker0 interface on CPM instance
N2WS-19177 - Announcements not cleared after upgrade
N2WS-19078 - Failed cross-account DR of encrypted volume creates "error" snapshots
N2WS-19898 - Alert for missing backups results shows wrong times due to DST
N2WS-19808 - Throughput capacity is missing from recovery window for fsx
N2WS-19829 - Can't create S3 Repository for bucket located in enabled region with assume role account type
N2WS-19790 - Improve cleanup performance 
N2WS-19716 - Policy fails to load backup targets when region has EC2 with instance-store root volume
N2WS-15546 - AMI ID recovery textbox does not get updated with correct AMI ID

Security Fixes:
Apache/2.4.52– Apache upgraded to latest version
N2WS-18768 - Add password complexity & expiration

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